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Article: "Diagnosing cancer from biopsies in minutes, not weeks"

September 20, 2022


Medical tech company Imagene has developed an AI-powered system to perform molecular analysis on digitized biopsy images and deliver results in just minutes. The result is a system that allows oncologists to identify cancerous biomarkers in biopsies without wasting tissue samples, form a diagnosis, and recommend a plan for targeted therapy faster than ever, saving valuable weeks for patients and improving the probability of successful treatment.  

So far, Imagene’s models check for 28 different biomarkers in eight different organs, matching any results to targeted therapies and relevant clinical trials automatically. Both sensitivity and specificity of the models are above 95%, making the program both accurate and reliable. Coming off a $21.5 million round of Series A financing, the company is next looking for regulatory approval and to expand the accessibility and availability of precision medicine.

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*Image used is from the original news article published by ISRAEL21c. Imagene technology will help pathologists classifying a tumor as cancerous or not. Photo courtesy of Imagene.

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