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Article: "Fleets of balloons could clean CO2 from air"

December 5, 2021


High Hopes Labs, a Ramat Gan-based startup, is developing a new system for carbon capture to help slow and eventually reverse climate change. The idea involves capturing CO2 in its frozen state at high altitudes, using high-tech materials carried by balloons. These materials act as sponges and filters and work far better at low temperatures, making carbon dioxide much easier to remove from the atmospheric mix of gases. Once captured, the highly concentrated CO2 will be held under pressure and brought down to be safely sequestered underground.

Founders of the startup hope their idea will be able to improve current atmospheric carbon-capture efforts, which remove only a few thousand of the 25 billion tons of atmospheric CO2 omitted by humanity annually. With recent advancements in high-altitude balloon technology thanks to companies like Amazon, Google, and NASA, particularly pertaining to flight control, the company plans to invest in a fleet of balloons to bring their vision to life.

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*Image used is from the original news article published by ISRAEL21c. Photo by Umit Sem Pamuk from Pexels.