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Article: "Creating the next Spotify: Israeli music school teaches programming”

August 8, 2021

The Rimon School of Music’s Innovation Lab is adding new elements to traditional music education to better prepare its students to enter the rapidly changing music industry. The Innovation program is focused around two pillars, the first being entrepreneurship and innovation. Students are required to take an introduction to entrepreneurship class in their first year in the program, as well as a “start-up lab” in their second year where they learn what it takes to build and maintain a startup company. 

The second pillar is technology and programming, which is implemented in the third year of the program that has yet to debut where students learn advanced programming and are then asked to apply their skills to their own projects. The Innovation program encourages Rimon students to explore the innovative side to several aspects of the music industry, from the creation of new platforms to self-promotion tools, to the production of an individual’s own music. With innovations like Spotify changing how music is consumed, the program hopes to put its students on the frontlines of the technological revolution.

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*Image used is from the original news article published by The Jerusalem Post. The Rimon School of Music's Innovation Lab. Photo credit: Roni Koral